Child Support Order Change

1. Fill out forms.

Fill out, sign, and date: 

If the court already made a child support order and judgment in your case (for example, form FL-180 or FL-250), also fill out this form: 

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Declaration Regarding Address Verification–Postjudgment Request to Modify a Child Custody, Visitation, or Child Support Order (form FL-334).

2. Make copies.

Make 3 copies of each form.

Keep your signed original forms to file later.

3. Have someone mail the unfiled forms.

A server (someone 18 years or older – notyou) mails 1 copy of your forms to the other side (your child’s other parent or your former spouse or partner).

Note: If the court has not made a judgment in your case yet, and the other side has a lawyer, mail the copies to their lawyer instead. 

The server must mail:

  • 1 copy of your unfiled forms
  • 1 blank Responsive Declaration to Request for Order (form FL-320PDF file type icon)
  • 1 blank Income and Expense Declaration (form FL-150PDF file type icon)
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The server then fills out form FL-335 , Proof of Service by Mail.

4. File your forms at court and pay your fee.

File at court

  • The original plus 2 copies of the forms listed in Step 1, and   
  • The original plus 1 copy of form FL-335.

You can file the forms in person. Or contact your local court is closed, ask them if you can file:

  • by U.S. mail,
  • e-mail or e-file, or
  • by drop box.

If you file by mail or drop box, you must include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.
The clerk will charge a fee to file your forms

If you cannot afford the fee, you can ask for a fee waiver

5. Have someone mail the filed forms. 

The court will stamp your copies “FILED,” and return them to you. Have a server send the copies of the FILED forms to the other side.
Follow these steps:

  • A server (someone 18 years or older – notyou) mails a copy of the FILED forms to the other side.
  • The server then fills out a new form FL-335PDF file type iconProof of Service by Mail for these FILED forms.

Then you file the original plus 1 copy of the newFL-335 before your court date.

6. Update your financial info if…

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You need to file and serve an updated form FL-150 at least one week before your court date, if

  • Your court date is more than 90 days after you signed your last FL-150, or
  • Your financial situation has changed.