Family Violations DV – 100 RO = Distance

Domestic ViolenceYou know that close family member that has some anger towards you that you did not know about, they tend to do certain things to intentionally harm you. Like calling you job and try to get you fired, show up at your job and try to get you fired, call your phone and harass you. This is not a sign of tough love this is the sign of a maniac who is a horrible person, who has tuned in to your channel to try and harm you. That’s when you know you need to file a restraining order, or move somewhere they can not find you and change ALL your numbers. Some family members have to be loved from a distance. Distance heals you and they will have the time to think about why you do not deal with them any longer. It could be your sister, brother, mother or father whomever you have the right to feel free to put distance between you all immediately. That is the family member displays reckless behavior and is in violation to your mental health, your safety, and not worth catching a case for.

DV-100 Domestic Violence Restraining Order is to protect you and this abuser.

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