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Domestic Violence

Today I was able to attend a Domestic Violence class located at a safe house for women who have been victimize by a significant other. The discussions were about the different scenarios of each client. After hearing some of these stories I felt literally drained. I am donating my time to a good cause to help those who have such issues with DV. Without going into detail on each client. The presence of a gun in a domestic violence situation increases the risk of homicide by 500%. 70% of domestic violence related murders happen when the victim tries to leave her abuser. 1 in 3 female murder victims are killed by an intimate partner. 20 people are abused by an intimate partner every minute in the United States. Although domestic violence often occurs between one partner or partners against another partner or partners in the context of an intimate relationship, it may also describe other household violence, such as violence by child directed toward a parent or violence between siblings who are members of the same household. I believe it is important to be safe, stay safe and filing for a Domestic Violence restraining order is a way be protected. When someone need help, where do they turn? who can they trust? There are a number of resources out on the web regarding these issues. There are a number of hotlines, safe haven places, you can get the confidential assistance. A little research goes a long way, being resourceful and taking the steps needed to be a survivor will lead to great expectations and a better life for all who are willing and ready to change their circumstances.

I found this information on (https://www.thehotline.org/help/)  The Hotline provides lifesaving tools and immediate support to empower victims and survivors to find safety and live free of abuse. We also provide support to friends and family members who are concerned about a loved one. Resources and help can be found by calling 1-800-799-SAFE (7233). Individuals who are Deaf or hard of hearingmay use TTY 1-800-787-3224.  Additionally, advocates who are Deaf are available 24/7 through the National Deaf Hotline by video phone at 1-855-812-1001, Instant Messenger (DeafHotline) or email (nationaldeafhotline@adwas.org). If it’s not safe for you to call, or if you don’t feel comfortable doing so, another option for getting direct help is to use our live chat service here on this website. You’ll receive the same one-on-one, real-time, confidential support from a trained advocate as you would on the phone. Chat is available every day from 24/7/365. El chat en español está disponible de 12 p.m. a 6 p.m. Hora Central.

Even if you work full time you can still get the help you need just step out on faith.

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