Your Lawsuit Without Hiring An Attorney

Feel free to contact me directly at 310-654-8609 and I will be happy to assist you with your case at your direction pro se. However, if you find the time to do this on your own feel free here is the process at no cost.

  • Lawsuit without a lawyer Filed – Consider jurisdiction, statute of limitations, etc.
  • Complaint served – Complaint must be served within set number of days.
  • Discovery May Start – All of the evidence you need to prove your lawsuit without a lawyer, questions, depositions, etc. can begin or noticed a set number of days after the complaint has been served. (The discovery phase can last eight to ten months)
  • Defendant Files Responsive Pleading – Defendant has the option of filing an answer, motion to quash, demurrer or motion to strike among other less utilized pleadings in response to the lawsuit without a lawyer.
  • Lawsuit without a lawyer Management Statement – You will need to file a lawsuit without a lawyer management statement a number of days prior to the lawsuit without a lawyer management conference.
  • Lawsuit without a lawyer Management Conference – Judge typically sets dates and the two sides may discuss calendar dates of unavailability for certain hearings, trial, etc.
  • Discovery Motion Cutoff – Discovery phase is cut off a number of days prior to trial.
  • Mediation – Both sides are free to mediate anytime throughout the process.
  • Trial Readiness Conference – Both parties file a trial readiness report a set number of weeks before trial date.
  • Trial

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