Court Forms

There are times when you need assistance with completing legal documents and court forms. You may be filing for a divorce, or responding and are unable to afford retainer fees, you may need to get a restraining order or respond to a restraining order against you or someone etc.. whichever your case may be we provide assistance with completing all the forms. When you hire a Paralegal there are no Attorneys or retainer fees, there is a one time preparation fee and or processing fee only. Court forms will completed the same day for filing with your local court clerk.

Paralegals do not give legal advice under no circumstances and prepare legal documents.

Court form are as follows:

1. Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

2. Family Divorce & Child Custody Forms

3. Paternity Forms

4. Name Change Forms

5. Unlawful Detainer Forms

6. Notarize legal documents regarding Real Estate, Power of Attorney, and Wills.

We prepare and complete all court form of most natures depending on the clients needs.


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